Stack to Your Hearts Desire

Stacking Rings have been the jewellery trend of the last couple of years but I’ve never really found a style for me, until I was messing around on the bench one day. Melting little gold balls and adding them onto silver bands just like that I had a design idea!

Stacking Rings

So I was showing a photo to my mum (she hears and see’s all the ideas before they become real life!) and immediately she wanted her own set, that’s how I knew I was on to a winner! Rustic and natural looking and definitely not perfect (who/what, ever is!?) We wanted to personalise them, and we were talking birthstones etc. My mum’s birthday is in June, the 3 birthstones for June are Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite so the design grew. 

Now, I’d already thought about Pearl, because white pearls look gorgeous against 18ct Yellow Gold and I thought Moonstone would be too similar, so Alexandrite it is! Now I love Alexandrite, and you may or may not know (I talk about it a lot) that it is a colour changing stone, changing colour from bluey-green to reddish-brown in different lights. One of nature’s amazing tricks. So what a unique stone to use in a design where every set will be individual.

So I made the first set (obviously for my mum) and away we went, I couldn’t wait to make the next. Each ball of gold melts and reforms in a different way, every pearl is a different shape and every ring’s texturing turns out different, so every ring and set is unique to the owner-that’s what I love.

The idea started growing and I reached out to my followers for their opinions and now on my website you can customise your own set with different gemstones. I offer the original with Alexandrite and Pearl or you can choose from Amethyst, Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Ruby or the luscious Black Diamond. I imagine the options will grow and grow and that’s the great thing about personalised stacking sets, you can swap and choose to your hearts content.

I can’t see this trend ending, I can only see it turning into a classic! Customise your own Roseanna Croft Jewellery, handmade stacking rings via this link and use code STACK10 for my exclusive introductory offer of 10% off! (offer ending 30th September 2016)