Stacking Rings and How to Wear Them

Have you ever had that feeling when you have too many rings and not enough fingers? We know we have!  We have the perfect solution for you…..stack them up!  Stacking rings are set to make a huge mark on the jewellery world this year, and some of our clients are already ahead of the game.

Whether you want to go for a chic, minimal look or make more of statement, our guide is just the thing to inspire your look.

Mix It Up

Don’t be scared to mix your metals! A lot of skin tones will be flattered by gold and silver so don’t be afraid to put them together.  They work beautifully to create an on-trend look.


Less Is More

If you love the look but would prefer something a little simpler, work your rings across each finger instead.  It makes for a minimal but eye catching look.


The Statement Finger

 If you want to go bold, layer your rings up on one finger.  We love using a variety of widths and textures to get just the look you want.


Personalise Your Stack

 If you want to add a personalised touch to your rings, get creative by adding names, initials or birthstones to your rings and give them a special hidden meaning.


Go Big or Big Home

 There is no wrong or right way to stack your rings.  It’s like assembling an outfit and should be completely personal to you.  Do whatever feels right and wear your stacking rings with confidence.


The beautiful stacking rings above belong to a lady who had some old 18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire and Diamond rings that she wanted modernising and remaking into some stunning new stacking rings.  We redesigned them and created the new rings in Sterling Silver and 18t Yellow Gold using the gemstones from the old rings.   Don’t they make an absolutely beautiful statement?


If you would like some old jewellery turning into some gorgeous stacking rings or would like some as a gift for someone, please click the link below and Roseanna, our design specialist, will be in touch.


Love, Roseanna & Co x

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