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Different Gemstone and Diamond Shapes for Your Engagement Ring – Part 2

Diamond and Gemstone Shapes for Your Engagement Ring – Part 1

The Perfect Diamond Ring: Why Size Isn’t Everything

Every diamond is unique. What begins as just a lump of coal can be crystallised over time from intense heat and pressure, to form a perfectly unique diamond. When it comes to purchasing a diamond ring for yourself or for a loved one you may have the common notion stuck in your head of “the bigger, the better”. For diamonds, however, size isn’t everything.

Old Cut Diamonds

Could you tell the difference between an old cut Diamond and a round cut?  This week we are looking at old cut Diamonds and how you can distinguish between the two.  If you have ever shopped for a Diamond you will be familiar with the four ‘C’s.  Many people focus on the other three, but how a Diamond is cut is a crucial factor influencing its beauty.  Cut is so much more than just the Diamond’s shape.  Even if you compare Diamonds of the same shape, its symmetry, proportions, polish, number of facets and the proportions of the facets can have a huge effect on how well the Diamond reflects light.  These same attributes are what sets old cut Diamonds apart from the more modern round brilliant cut.     

The Tale of the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond has a truly interesting history.  Since Diamonds have existed there have been many types of cuts as jewellers attempted to make the most brilliant Diamonds.  As years went by, and jewellers continued their quest to find the cut with most facets and allure, the round Diamond cut was born.

Diamond Cuts and Their Perfect Wedding Ring Partners – Pear, Asscher and Marquise

The Pear, Asscher and Marquise Shaped Diamond. You’ve got your dream engagement ring, but now how to find the perfect wedding ring to fit around it and showcase it’s beauty? We’ve laid out for you some of the most popular engagement ring Diamond cuts and given you some tips on the style of wedding ring that fits best! Read on below….