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Design Yourself a Cocktail Ring

Have you ever thought about designing yourself a ring ‘just because?’ Maybe a cocktail ring or redesigning some of your old jewellery. A piece to empower you and bring glamour into your life?  

How to Redesign Your Jewellery in Lockdown

This last year and lockdown has thrown a real curveball into all our lives but today I want to focus on the positives. It has given us more of an opportunity to reflect on what is really important in life, rekindle some passion for long lost hobbies (as long as you don’t leave the house), realise how important family are, oh and clear out the kitchen cupboards.  

Sapphire and Emerald Ring Redesign

Late last year a lady came to me with two rings she had inherited that even though the sentiment was there, she knew she would never wear them so she enquired about ring redesign.

The Perfect Diamond Ring: Why Size Isn’t Everything

Every diamond is unique. What begins as just a lump of coal can be crystallised over time from intense heat and pressure, to form a perfectly unique diamond. When it comes to purchasing a diamond ring for yourself or for a loved one you may have the common notion stuck in your head of “the bigger, the better”. For diamonds, however, size isn’t everything.

4 Reasons To Reset Your Diamond Ring

Jewellery is a little bit different from other high-value items. While cars might nosedive in value once they have a certain number of miles on the clock (unless they reach ‘classic’ status), some of the oldest jewellery can actually be among the most sought after. And so, if you have a piece which does need a little maintenance, that might not mean you should sell or discard it.

Precious Metal Guide

Diamonds, Reimagined