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3 Reasons You Should Buy Yourself A Ring

Diamonds (and a good eyeliner) have always been a girl’s best friend. A great diamond ring is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated – we love them!

One of a Kind Diamond Ring

We talk a lot at Roseanna Croft about you deserving nice jewellery.  We have a collection of self-love jewellery that is designed as a reminder that you don’t need a special occasion to buy a Diamond, nor do you need to wait for someone to buy it for you. 

The Perfect Diamond Ring: Why Size Isn’t Everything

Every diamond is unique. What begins as just a lump of coal can be crystallised over time from intense heat and pressure, to form a perfectly unique diamond. When it comes to purchasing a diamond ring for yourself or for a loved one you may have the common notion stuck in your head of “the bigger, the better”. For diamonds, however, size isn’t everything.

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Design Story