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Redesign Your Engagement and Eternity Ring

Redesigning Jewellery from a Divorce Many women have asked me ‘what can I do with my engagement ring now I’m getting divorced?’ And even though it is a really difficult time, this can offer somewhat of a positive release. Redesigning your wedding, engagement and eternity ring can give your jewellery new meaning and celebrate a chapter of your life in your own way.

Why Don’t You Propose This Leap Year

  It’s 2020, it’s a Leap Year… you know where I’m going with this don’t you ladies? Talk about empowerment and equality, this seems like the perfect year to switch things up! (But this then begs the question why should we have to wait for a leap year…!?)

3 Reasons You Should Buy Yourself A Ring

Diamonds (and a good eyeliner) have always been a girl’s best friend. A great diamond ring is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated – we love them!

Why You Don’t Need A Special Occasion To “Dress Up” With Jewellery

Many people wear jewellery because it just adds a little “something” to a look. Whether a pendant or a delicate bracelet, the right piece can really catch the eye. But so many people think that jewellery is only for special occasions – they couldn’t be further off the mark! While the right earrings may bring that extra touch of magic to a bridesmaid dress or birthday get-up, jewellery is not only for those special one-off events. Here are just a few reasons why we wear our favourite pieces of jewellery any day and every day…

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