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What Is The Design Journey Of A Bespoke Engagement Ring?

Bespoke rings offer you the opportunity to wear something unique on your finger – something nobody else in the world can say they have. All of our bespoke engagement rings follow a similar journey from design to creation, and it’s this journey that allows them to become truly individual pieces.

Redesigning Your Engagement Ring

  ‘You’ve been married how long!? You get less for murder!’ A cute thing people say when they’re impressed that you’ve been married for more than 15 years. (I only know this because I have said it, many a time.) So, my question to you is, have you thought about redesigning your engagement ring?

How to Design an Engagement Ring: The Design Process

You know that a bespoke engagement ring is the choice for you but what you don’t know is how to go about designing an engagement ring. Really, its pretty straight forward and you don’t have to do a great deal, but I’ll lay out the steps for you, so you know what to expect when you come to take those first steps. I like to be honest and transparent, every jewellery designer will have a different method on how they work so its best to check with the designer you decide to work with in case they differ to this, I don’t speak for all jewellery designers!

Old Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

  You’re getting ready to propose, no idea where to start with the ring but you’ve been given your Grandma’s antique engagement ring, which is set with an Old Cut Diamond. Let me tell you how lucky you are. Old Cut Diamonds are beautiful for their unique facets and their character. No two ‘old cut’ diamonds are the same for many more reasons than the modern day round brilliant cut.

Why Don’t You Propose This Leap Year

  It’s 2020, it’s a Leap Year… you know where I’m going with this don’t you ladies? Talk about empowerment and equality, this seems like the perfect year to switch things up! (But this then begs the question why should we have to wait for a leap year…!?)

Engagement Rings 2020

A New Year always calls for new fashions and new trends so what are we expecting to see from engagement rings in 2020?   The last few years have called for unique styles with random stone placements, different coloured gemstones taking centre stage and rose gold being a popular metal choice.