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In The Run Up To Christmas, Support a Small Business.

This is a topic quite close to my heart, being a small business owner, but also being a lover of all things handmade and unique. I’m writing this to express how important I think it is we support other small and local businesses, especially in the exciting run up to Christmas.

The Magic in Opals

Opals, the magical gemstone. A gem you can get lost in for hours. The national gemstone of Australia and the birthstone of October. It’s a hydrated amorphous form of silica, but to us normal folk it’s a really pretty mineral which is made up of 20% water.

From One Kick Ass Princess to Another

Back in May, it was Princess Charlotte’s first birthday. The United Kingdom’s very own Princess.

A Diamond Dream to Design

This year I’ve had one of my most challenging design projects, and I’ve loved every second of it.

Sapphires for September

    What would the beginning of the month be without a blog on it’s birthstone!? This month, the lovely and so versatile, Sapphire.

Stack to Your Hearts Desire

Stacking Rings have been the jewellery trend of the last couple of years but I’ve never really found a style for me, until I was messing around on the bench one day. Melting little gold balls and adding them onto silver bands just like that I had a design idea!

Workshop Wednesday: In The Spring

So this week, I have finally got around to setting my new range ‘In The Spring’. Yes, you guessed it, I designed it this spring. Which has since come and gone! So we’re slightly not on target with the release of this new range! But, hey, we’re all busy aren’t we and anyway, I still love it! It might even be my favourite to date! 

August’s Newcomer, Spinel.

Are you an August baby but not Peridot’s biggest fan!? Well this year, you’re in luck!

Iris, The Colours Of The Rainbow And More

Checkerboard and Princess Cut Blue Topaz