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Oscars Jewellery 2018 by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

London Fashion Week Vlog by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

View our latest Vlog on our YouTube channel, Roseanna shares with you all about her trip to London Fashion Week Festival and how it is important for her as a jewellery designer, to keep up with fashion trends!

London Fashion Week Festival by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Last week we took some well-deserved time out to check out London Fashion Week. You may be asking what fashion week has to do with jewellery but as a jewellery designer its very important to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Love Stories in Jewellery by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Love Stories in Jewellery – What Story Can You Tell? How many love stories are attached to your jewellery? From the first promise ring you were gifted by your first boyfriend to your engagement ring. Jewellery is full of love stories.