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Just A Few Reasons To Buy New Jewellery (You Don’t HAVE To Wait For A Special Occasion!)

Can’t stop thinking about that gorgeous silver ring? Eyeing up the matching earrings to your favourite rose quartz necklace? Maybe it’s that delicate rose-gold bracelet that’s been calling your name…   Buying jewellery for yourself can sometimes feel like over-indulgence, like you’re splashing out on something extravagant. But there are many reasons why women the world over choose to celebrate themselves with jewels, gems and precious metals.

Little Acts Of Love (How To Practise Self-Care)

The most important relationship of your entire life is the one you have with yourself!

Why You Don’t Need A Special Occasion To “Dress Up” With Jewellery

Many people wear jewellery because it just adds a little “something” to a look. Whether a pendant or a delicate bracelet, the right piece can really catch the eye. But so many people think that jewellery is only for special occasions – they couldn’t be further off the mark! While the right earrings may bring that extra touch of magic to a bridesmaid dress or birthday get-up, jewellery is not only for those special one-off events. Here are just a few reasons why we wear our favourite pieces of jewellery any day and every day…

3 Bad Habits That Are Holding Back Your Self Love Journey

Whether it’s stress, worry, or anger, any number of negative emotions can easily stand in your way of finding happiness within yourself, never mind with someone else. Increasing demands on your time from family, friends, and work make it feel much harder to find the time for yourself.

Willa Newton Talks Self-Care and Our ‘Love, Me’ Campaign

5 Ways To Practice Self-Love