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Choosing The Perfect Diamond For Your Engagement Ring (Bespoke Engagement Ring Designs)

Choosing the perfect ring can be a challenging task, especially with so many choices on offer. Navigating the world of engagement rings is often confusing, so let us help you with this three-part blog series on choosing a bespoke engagement ring design.

Now Pay For Your Jewellery Order With 0% Interest-Free Paypal Credit

At Roseanna Croft Jewellery, we know that it may be difficult to find something extra special that is affordable. Whether you’re after a bespoke jewellery design, a luxurious engagement ring, a deluxe wedding ring or a fancy jewellery redesign and modelling, we’ve got a variety of finance options to help you spread the costs, saving you peace of mind. Introducing 0% interest-free Paypal Credit. Paypal Credit helps to eliminate the stress of saving up for your order. It allows you to spread the cost of your purchase at 0% interest over four months – a highly convenient way to pay in manageable quantities. At the end of the payment period, you will be able to collect your jewellery. To use this option, you must have a Paypal account. Simply select “Paypal Credit” at the checkout stage of the website. You’ll be rest assured that your details are safe with the Paypal Buyer Protection. Treat yourself or your loved one with a present they’ll cherish whilst efficiently managing your costs with Paypal Credit.

5 Gorgeous Looks For Your Autumn Wardrobe

As the days get shorter, and the weather gets cooler, it’s time to pack away the little florals and summery colours and clear some space for your Autumn collection! It wouldn’t be October without our traditional ‘Hi, Autumn!’ pumpkin spice latte as we curl up by the window to watch the leaves fall. If you’re struggling a little with how to go from sun-soaked summer to indoors-weather autumn, we’ve got a few looks to help get you in the mood. Read on for five gorgeous looks to get you through the chilly Autumn days…

Where To Find Unique Jewellery

Jewellery is all about originality. While items such as clothes and cars can have a ‘mass produced’ feel, because they come from the same production line, pieces of jewellery can exhibit that unique look which makes them so personal to us.

What To Do With Old Jewellery

Is the situation familiar? You have a piece of heirloom jewellery which means the world to you. It has been passed down from a member of your family who you loved dearly. But the problem is, it just doesn’t suit you. The fit isn’t quite right, it isn’t really your style, and the item has seen better days.