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Why Does the Wedding Ring Go On the Left Hand?

If you ask pretty much anyone “What finger does the wedding ring go on?” they would know the answer.  It’s pretty common for most people to wear their wedding ring on their left ring finger.  But why is it the left hand?   And do brides and grooms have to follow this tradition?  In today’s blog we look at the reasons behind it and whether or not it’s important that you follow this custom. 

‘Tallullah’ Bespoke Bridal Design Collaboration by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Back in February of this year I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Jessica Jane Bespoke Bridal Wear. Jess and I hit it off straight away and soon after, met to discuss a design collaboration.

Success When Designing Your Bepsoke Wedding Jewellery

  3 Steps To Success When You Design Your Bespoke Wedding Jewellery Designing your bespoke wedding jewellery can be so much fun. So many styles to think of, and all the beautiful Diamonds and Gemstones to look at! Here are the main three components to think about, when the time comes to get designing!  

2 Mistakes Made When Buying Bridal Jewellery

  Don't Make These Mistakes With Your Bridal Jewellery!   Weddings are hard work – choosing a dress can be very hard. There’s the venue and colour scheme decisions; not to mention the shoes! So, we don’t want your jewellery decision to be tough too. Here are 2 big mistakes that are often made when it comes to choosing your bridal jewellery and how to avoid them.  

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

    Exciting Announcement We have got something really great for you this week but before we can announce it, this blog post is here to give a taster! So, we’ve collated 5 great tips to think about when choosing your wedding jewellery!