The Imperfect ‘Earth’ Range

So this range has been coming for a while and it keeps growing and growing with all the beautiful gemstones I find.

It’s a range inspired by the imperfections in nature, yet we still find nature beautiful don’t we?

I’ve found gemstones which to me, are so pure and organic where a lot of gemstones are heat treated to bring out their beautiful colours. Earthy tones and some beautiful markings and patterns in these gemstones make them so unique.

There are 2 sizes of pendant, a large one measuring about 6cm and a smaller one at about 3.5cm so these are great for layering. I have placed some on a long piece of black silk and some on silver chain, to make each one different again.

In a world where we strive for perfection I think this range is imperfect, yet so natural and therefore beautiful. A range to maybe to help bring us back down to Earth, and appreciate our surroundings. And embrace our own and others’ imperfections.img_90872