Amethyst: Beautiful Enough for the Crown

Amethysts are my birthstone, therefore one of my favourite gemstones! But this February I wanted to talk about another of my favourite things; the Crown Jewels and The Kent Amethyst.

Not technically part of the Crown Jewels but owned by the Crown, the Queen has a very historic set of Amethyst jewellery in her jewellery box (or jewellery vault I imagine) called the Crown Amethyst Suite of Jewels (or The Kent Amethysts) that once belonged to Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent.


According to my sources the matching set (or demi-parure) includes a necklace, three brooches, a pair of earrings and a pair of hair combs (why don’t we wear hair combs anymore!)


The design features a hexagonal Amethyst surrounded by diamond ‘sun rays’ and scrolls on the top. If you look at jewellery of the 20s you will see similar designs in the ‘sun rays’ and similar styles are reappearing today. I think they have a very striking effect.


The necklace and the brooches have elements that can be hung from the main piece to give the whole set an extra elaborate look, but I believe it is rarely worn like this and the Queen has only worn the set a few times in her reign!


Why do I love the Queen’s jewels so much?


I’m a big lover of history and I’m inspired by historical pieces of jewellery. This is where my trade and craft began, and I think we have lost a bit of ‘something’ over the decades. Today’s pieces are more perfect and outrageous, but they can lack soul thanks to mass production. I love the intricacy and attention to detail.


But mainly, I believe jewellery is about storytelling. Capturing an element of your story in a piece of jewellery is where soul comes from. Jewellery from eras gone by; whether made by the likes of Cartier or owned by the Crown, has so much soul because it tells so many stories, and I bet those stories are fascinating – something for the imagination!


I am now tempted to create some striking jewels with Amethyst to celebrate my birth month, inspired by the Crown and its history… If you’d like a piece of bespoke jewellery designing that has soul and tells your story, please contact me through the link below and I’d love to help.

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