The Ruby and The Sunrise Are One: The Sunrise Ruby


In the early morning hour,

just before dawn, lover and beloved awake

and take a drink of water.

She asks, Do you love me or yourself more?

Really, tell me the absolute truth.


He says, There is nothing left of me.

I am like a ruby held up to the sunrise.

Is it still a stone, or a world

made of redness? It has no resistance

to sunlight. The ruby and the sunrise are one.

Be courageous and discipline yourself.


Work. Keep digging your well.

Don’t think about getting off from work.

Submit to a daily practice.

Your loyalty to that is a ring on the door.

Keep knocking, and the joy inside

will eventually open a window

and look out to see who’s there.

The Sunrise Ruby, an incredible jewel named after the beautiful poem written by 13th century poet, Rumi. A 25.59 carat ruby mounted in the centre of 2 shield cut diamonds by Cartier. An absolutely striking piece featuring the incredible Burmese ruby. The Swiss Gemmological Institute has named it “a unique treasure of nature” with its pigeon’s blood red colour, and fine purity.

Sunrise Ruby 3

The Sunrise Ruby

25.59 carats is an extremely rare size for a ruby and holds the record for the

Graff Ruby

The Graff Ruby

most expensive ruby sold at auction, selling for £19.5 mil at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in May 2015. As well as it being the world’s most expensive coloured gemstone. Only 6 months earlier the 8.62 carat Graff Ruby sold at auction for £8.6 mil breaking that same record, that’s over twice the size!

An anonymous buyer bought this stunning piece which makes the jewel even more interesting, don’t you think? Was it you who bought it!? I do love some mystery!

Rubies are just getting bigger and bigger in size as well as ever more popular with women (and men) around the world favouring rubies, sapphires, emeralds (and other coloured gemstones) over diamonds! 6 of the top 10 rubies sold at auction have been sold in the last year and a half, which is pretty incredible-imagine what’s to come!