Three Different Ways To Redesign Your Jewellery


When your jewellery is in dire need of a renaissance, it might be time for a redesign. Redesigning jewellery can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish. From minor alterations to a complete remodelling of the piece, if you choose an experienced and talented designer to guide you through the process, they can deliver a revamped piece of jewellery that’s just more you.

Let's Talk   Here are three different ways to redesign your jewellery:


1. A Total Overhaul

It is very possible to completely redesign a piece of jewellery as if you were starting over from scratch. This process can involve removing all the gemstones, melting down the metal and totally remodelled, either into a new but similar piece or into something completely different. A necklace can transition into a ring and a brooch can be reborn as a bracelet, giving your jewellery a new lease of life and celebrating a new chapter.


2. Restoring The Natural Glory

Renewing your jewellery does not have to be as extreme as a total redesign. Instead, you can opt for more subtle changes. There may be some necessary repairs that are required to the piece, such as fixing worn claws or settings. Cleaning and restoration of dull and scratched items is entirely possible and can breathe new life into jewellery that looks old, weary and worn. This is particularly suitable for vintage and antique pieces as they can be restored to a very high-quality level. If you have a ring band that is too big or too small, the ring can also be re-sized so you can wear your beloved jewels once again.


3. Replacements and Additions

It is heart-breaking for a beloved piece of jewellery to be marred by a lost gemstone, but a jewellery redesign allows for replacements to be added to repair your items. There is scope to add old gemstones to a different band or add new stones to a vintage band. This is excellent for preserving the sentimentality of meaningful pieces whilst simultaneously transforming your jewellery into a more modern style and keeping up with the current trends! Whatever the style you are seeking, with a jewellery redesign, the world of gemstones is your oyster.

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