Three Unique Engagement Ring Designs


Your bride to be is no ordinary woman, is she? So, you cannot give her an ordinary ring. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to design some pretty spectacular engagement rings and so to give you inspiration I thought I would detail three unique engagement ring designs I made recently.


Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring with Filigree Details

A piece I made as an engagement ring redesign last year, for a couple based in London (we did the whole thing virtually.) The piece was a family heirloom and as it had been passed down my client wished to use the beautiful gemstones which included an Aquamarine and Diamonds. His girlfriend, now fiancée, is from Hong Kong and he also wanted this representing, so I designed a filigree pattern inspired by the lotus leaf and wound this delicately up the shoulders of the split shank leading up to the Aquamarine.

This will always be one of my favourite designs because of all the different elements. The Aquamarine is quite large for an engagement ring, but we still managed to keep it as dainty as possible and she absolutely loved it.


Two Hearts Engagement Ring with Garnet Gemstone

This is a really sweet style for someone who is a romantic at heart. The story behind this is while in Tokyo travelling, each pair of the couple had planned to propose to one another separately (so amazing) and she beat him to it! She presented him with a red bead bracelet which I think is a wonderful idea and together they bought her a ‘cheap’ plated engagement ring as a place holder.

She loved the design so much she didn’t want to change it, but she did want it making in a precious metal (that wouldn’t turn her finger green) and more substantial ring. To match the red bead bracelet, we added in a deep red Garnet instead of the traditional diamond and enlarged the design to give it a more substantial feel. Such a romantic, unique engagement ring.


Contemporary Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamonds

Now I love this, mainly because it doesn’t really look like an engagement ring. This couple aren’t your traditional couple at all and a bit later on in life than the youngsters getting engaged these days. Similar to above, he proposed with a Sterling Silver woven Celtic style ring, but she couldn’t wear it every day because it was impractical and kept getting squashed.

She loved the Celtic design so we kept that but made it in Platinum and a ‘heavy’ duty ring so she could wear it whilst working (they run a BnB.) In between the woven Celtic design, we placed Diamonds to give an all-round sparkle and while she was nervous before she picked it up, she absolutely loved it, as do I. If you’re ready to look at having a unique engagement ring designed for your partner then please contact me, we can have a chat about what it is you might like either virtually or from one of my London or Derbyshire addresses.

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