Trilogy Engagement Rings


Trilogy Engagement Rings

This classic three stone style ring traditionally represents a couple’s past, present and future which is truly romantic and a beautiful engagement ring to propose with. The trilogy engagement ring is a timeless piece with great sentimental value…

Also known as a ‘trinity’ ring, the style is usually made up of three diamonds or other gemstones, the centre stone usually being the main attraction with smaller side stones.

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is an excellent example of a trilogy ring. In the centre

she has a large cushion cut diamond and either side there are two round brilliant cut diamonds. A trilogy doesn’t have to be three round diamonds, you can use fancy shaped diamonds either side!


Here is ‘Stephanie’ (pictured right) from my signature collection of engagement rings, in the centre we have a cushion cut Tanzanite flanked by two pear shaped diamonds. A classic ring for an elegant woman! I have also made a ring similar to this using a .6ct round brilliant cut diamond in the centre with 2 pear shaped diamonds either side.

Another of my favourite designs is this Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring. (Pictured below.) The diamonds either side are tapered baguettes which give an Art Deco/antique look. Very striking.


How we design and make a trilogy engagement ring:

Generally, the centre stone is larger and set higher than the two side stones. I like to think this symbolises the importance of the ‘present.’ The side stones are then generally one third of the size of the centre stone but this isn’t a strict ‘rule’ – at the end of the day it’s what you think looks best.

The exciting thing about a trilogy style engagement ring is that you can replicate designs from many eras like the 1920-30’s with claw set emerald cut diamonds, or you can use a rub over setting to create a more contemporary look.


If you have fallen in love with the meaning of a trilogy engagement ring and wish to celebrate the ‘past, present and future’ of your relationship then contact me today for an informal chat about the design style you love. This chat can take place over the phone, video or one of our address in London or Derbyshire.

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