How Designing A Unique Sapphire Engagement Ring Can Help You Make Your Future Fiance's Dreams Come True

Designing A Unique Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires are one of the most versatile and beautiful gemstones that you can use in an engagement ring in our opinion. From the pale – lilac blues to deep royal blues, not to mention the other wonderful colours that are found such as yellow or pink. Sapphire offers something for everyone which is why I don’t blame women for craving a unique Sapphire engagement ring.

Imagine a Ceylon Sapphire, surrounded with a halo of old cut diamonds, an engagement ring that catches the light in so many different ways. A ring that would make people say ‘wow, I’ve never seen anything like it.’

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Sourcing Your Sapphire

We have been fortunate enough to make some beautiful Sapphire engagement rings over the years and get very excited when given the task of finding a unique Sapphire. Once we’ve had a discussion about the shape, colour and size of gemstone you would like, then we begin talking to our suppliers and where possible, we love to work with artisan miners so we know exactly where your sapphire has been and in some cases, the person who mined it.


We also have access to a wonderful collection of recycled Sapphires from pre-loved jewellery that makes for a wonderful design project with many a tale to tell.


Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings

This is an engagement ring made in Platinum for a customer last year using a bright blue Sapphire. He chose Sapphire because he knew she loved the colour blue and on the inside, which unfortunately you can’t see from the picture, we engraved the hills they could see from their house. He actually proposed on top of them after a springtime run!


Roseanna did a fantastic job designing a bespoke engagement ring for me. My better half doesn’t wear any jewellery normally which made me very nervous at the start of the design process, but I needn’t have worried. Roseanna was very intuitive, had some great ideas and has made a ring my fiancée loves!

Thank you! We will definitely be returning to you to design our wedding rings! – James 5*, Google

unique sapphire engagement ring


Another unique Sapphire engagement ring we made this year was a jewellery redesign. We were recycling diamonds and gold from an old family ring and I was asked to source them a wonderful Sapphire to sit in the centre of this beautiful trilogy engagement ring. We used Yellow Gold to add a contrasting element to the design to give a show-stopping look.


Fantastic service. Roseanna is an absolute joy and delivered the bespoke engagement ring to the exact requirements, bringing our ideas into fruition. My future daughter in law absolutely loved it, so thank you so much. – Annie 5*, Google


Sapphire Gemstones

Earlier this year as well, we were fortunate enough to find some beautiful unique Sapphires that we had the opportunity to give a new home to, including a pale blue sapphire that has a really unique colourless banding through it. And a pale-lemon yellow sapphire that will look so stunning in yellow gold with a sunburst halo of diamonds.


If you’d like help sourcing a unique sapphire for your engagement ring then please get in touch and one of our designers will be in contact with you for a chat.