5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery



Exciting Announcement

We have got something really great for you this week but before we can announce it, this blog post is here to give a taster! So, we’ve collated 5 great tips to think about when choosing your wedding jewellery!


Match Your Metals.


Is your dress a warm colour like Ivory? Yellow Gold wedding jewellery will harmonise perfectly.

Perhaps it has a soft blush hint? Rose Gold will really compliment this your dress.

If you have got a pure white dress then definitely go for Platinum or Silver! If you’re struggling to decide on your metal, then definitely think about this, as well as the gemstones you’d like in your jewellery.




Match the gemstones to the colour scheme for your big day! Because, why not!? It’s just another way of bringing all the details together and will bring back amazing memories whenever you wear them!


Looking for Something Blue?

Use gemstones like Blue Topaz or Sapphire, or even Turquoise!



Your Neckline.


Think about your neckline when it comes to choosing your jewellery, you don’t want to take away anything from the dress with the wrong jewellery. If you have a high neckline then perhaps just some beautiful drop earrings with gemstones complementing your bouquet? If you have a halter I would also skip the necklace, why not have a beautiful chain and gemstone headpiece? Is your back exposed? Have a beautiful chain hanging down your back with a stunning gemstone drop.




Perhaps a beloved family member can’t be there on your big day. Try and incorporate a piece of their jewellery into your wedding day jewels. Either by having it professionally polished and worn as it is or maybe take the gems and have it designed into something else special.  You could even ask for the metal to be melted into your wedding rings.


Stuff tradition.


Which way do you wear your wedding and engagement rings? Whichever way you like. Traditionally, you wear the wedding ring first then your engagement ring (because it’s closest to your heart) but if it looks better the other way? Then who cares! ? It’s your wedding, it’s your finger, it’s your jewellery.


Ask A Professional

Let a jewellery designer, design your jewellery to match your wedding dress exactly.


Here at Roseanna Croft Jewellery we specialise in bespoke bridal design. We’ll take all your criteria and make you a wedding collection to treasure forever.

Just get in touch and we can do the rest!