Wedding Rings and the Trends for 2019


You’ve got engaged, and are just getting used to wearing the most expensive and precious piece of jewellery you’ve ever owned.  Now you need to start planning for the next ring you are going to buy, your wedding ring!

There is so much emphasis on the glamour and sparkle of the engagement ring that the wedding band seems to fade into the background.  That doesn’t have to be the case.  There are so many exquisite options for wedding rings and they can serve to compliment your engagement ring beautifully.

In recent years there was a trend for complex and intricate wedding band styles, yet this season we are seeing a return to the traditional plain circle, symbolising eternity.  Having said that, Diamonds set around the band are also still an extremely popular choice for those who enjoy a bit more sparkle.

Some enjoy the symmetry of stacking rings, and prefer to have a band either side of their engagement ring, with their gemstone as the star in the centre.  With bespoke design, the rings can be made to fit neatly together, and can be in the same materials or colours or contrasting.  You could even leave a space for an eternity ring in the future.

If you read our last blog you will know that coloured stones have become a popular choice for engagement rings, and this is no different for wedding rings.  For brides wanting stones in their band, Emeralds, Amethysts and Sapphires to name a few are a great way to make your ring more personal.  Yellow or White Diamonds and Pink Sapphires can make a stunning and unique band for those wanting something a little more unique.  If White Diamonds are still your favourite choice, why not opt for pave Diamonds for that extra wow factor?

In years gone by, couples would keep their wedding rings for ever, but these days weddings can be very expensive affairs, and some are opting to make do with a simpler ring to then upgrade at a later date.  If you have your heart set on a certain design, but it’s a little out of your price range, there is no point spending a lot of money to get something that’s nearly what you want.  Budget savvy brides are realising that the wedding band they dream of could be a one, five, or ten year anniversary gift instead.

Traditionally the bride and groom would wear matching rings, but unless you both happen to have exactly the same taste, one of you would need to compromise on what you wanted to do so.  It is entirely possible to match the main elements of the ring, such as materials, engraving, or a design element, whilst still creating a ring to suit your own personal style.

Wedding bands made from a variety of metals are extremely popular, particularly for brides who like to wear Gold, Silver and Rose Gold jewellery.  Combining colours can give your ring special meaning.  Rose Gold represents love, White Gold represents friendship and Yellow Gold represents fidelity.

You may have noticed a growing trend for all things vintage in the wedding industry, and wedding jewellery is no exception.  It may be that you’ve had an heirloom piece handed down and would like to use that, but if not check out jewellers selling second hand pieces.  You could also have a bespoke piece made with a vintage design as inspiration.  The possibilities are endless!

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