What Are Your Options With Old Or Broken Jewellery?

If you have old or broken jewellery lying around at home, it can be difficult to know what to do with it, especially if it has sentimental value. You may have pieces that have been gifted to you but aren’t quite your style. However, you don’t need to leave your old  jewellery gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer, as many of us are guilty of doing! Consider some of the below options to give your jewellery a new lease of life.


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Where Do I Start If My Jewellery Is Obviously Broken?


If you have a broken piece of jewellery, the most obvious option would be to take it to a reputable jeweller so it can be repaired. A professional jeweller will often be able to repair the original piece so that it looks new again and is fit to wear.


Older pieces of jewellery may show signs of wear over the years, so it is sensible to have any clasps or settings replaced and refurbished to prevent loss in the future.


If there is a recurring fault with the jewellery, you may choose to have a more efficient feature put in its place - for example, a safety chain or a more durable clasp.


Sometimes, all it can take is a simple professional clean and polish up to revive even the most tarnished of jewellery.


Do I Have Any Options If The Jewellery Isn't To My Taste Anymore?


Many of us have purchased jewellery in the past that is no longer in line with our own taste or style, for instance white or yellow gold going out of fashion. Whilst it may initially seem to be a lost cause, taking the piece to a jeweller to be redesigned into something you love can be a great option. Not only will you leave with a piece that you love, but you will also be making an eco-friendly choice rather than buying new.


What Are My Options When Selling Jewellery?


Some jewellers allow you to use your old jewellery as part exchange against the cost of a new piece. The credit for your old jewels will be based on the scrap value of the metal. Another alternative is to sell to a private buyer, but this can be much more time-consuming.


What If My Jewellery Has Sentimental Value?


If your jewellery is still in good condition but you simply do not wear it, you may want to consider passing it down to a family member. Perhaps there is a young couple in your family who may be thinking about getting engaged soon? A valued family heirloom ring can be a really romantic gesture and a great way of welcoming a new member of the family. They could even consider having it redesigned into a bespoke engagement ring, which will suit their potential fiancé's style, whilst still having a historical familial tie.

How Can Roseanna Croft Jewellery Help Me?


With more than a decade of experience in designing jewellery, Roseanna Croft is a specialist when it comes to remodelling jewellery. Whether you have plenty of ideas or would like some input from an expert, don't let any of your old or broken jewellery go unloved a moment longer.


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