What To Do With Old Jewellery

Is the situation familiar? You have a piece of heirloom jewellery which means the world to you. It has been passed down from a member of your family who you loved dearly. But the problem is, it just doesn’t suit you. The fit isn’t quite right, it isn’t really your style, and the item has seen better days.

Of course, you could still treasure the piece – but it seems more apt to keep the item safe in your jewellery box. You should know that there is a solution. You can restore and update jewellery in order to give it a new lease of life. That means you’ll be able to wear jewellery which means a lot to you and enjoy it as much as the person who passed it down to you.


All The Options

Jewellery tends to wear and lose its style over time, but whether it is a prized bracelet remodelling or redesign heirloom engagement ring, you have plenty of options available to you. At Roseanna Croft Jewellery, we can restore the jewellery back to its original beauty or give it a whole new look. You can also combine multiple pieces together, so you can have a little piece of your relatives or different memories with you at all times. Remember that almost anything is possible with jewellery design these days – there is always a way!


How does it work?

Redesigning old pieces of jewellery is very much an open-ended process – it will depend on the work you want done, and how. That is one of the reasons it is hard to give a ballpark figure for pricing, such as an engagement ring remodelling cost. In the case of pieces which are very worn, the items can actually be melted down and remoulded into a brand new piece. This can also be an option for those whose circumstances have changed since they received a piece of jewellery as a gift – for example, a lady who has been through a divorce but still wants to keep hold of engagement and wedding rings. Remodelling can give these pieces a whole new look, while still allowing you to hang on to the memories.

At Roseanna Croft Jewellery, we’re experienced in jewellery redesign and remodelling old jewellery, so you can have peace of mind that those pieces you love are in good hands.

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