When Fate Steps In: Podcast with Rachael Taylor

The second series of my jewellery podcast Design Your Legacy kicks off with and interview with Rachael Taylor, a jewellery journalist who built one of the most read jewellery magazines (Professional Jeweller) from scratch before choosing freedom with freelance journalism. Rachael is a mum of two and writes for the likes of the Financial Times, Condé Nast magazines, and Rapaport.  She also runs The Jewellery Cut with co-founder Andrew Martyniuk, a platform that showcases independent fine jewellery designers through engaging editorial, sparkling social posts and live events, including a bi-annual jewellery showcase during London Fashion Week.

Key Takeaways From The Podcast

Rachael Taylor clearly has a passion for jewellery, but she also clearly has a passion for highlighting and showcasing independent and small jewellery designers. She does this through her work as a jewellery journalist but also through The Jewellery Cut where aside from the sale of jewellery, an important aspect of the platform is the introductions and connections they are able to provide and enable.


When I first visited one of The Jewellery Cut's live events, I was in awe by the talent of designers who were displaying their jewellery but I also attended every talk of the day and it inspired me no end. I know first hand the effects her work has on independent designers.


We spoke about her legacy, which aside from her printed work is making jewellery a conversation in the online space, where before it was rarely covered, and now there are 3 or 4 dedicated jewellery magazines. Her vision has always been to make jewellery accessible, showcasing the independent small designers as well as the big names. Her legacy is also the connections and introductions she’s able to make for people through the Jewellery Cut.


With her line of work, Rachael has seen many wonderful pieces but one stuck her which was a gold necklace by Fraser Hamilton with a tiny carving of a hand clutching a heart-shaped ruby. The story gets sweeter as she then shares how her husband gave her this same necklace at the Jewellery Cut’s first independent show to commemorate the event - when she told me this I could have cried, how special is that. It is a reminder of her achievements but also her husbands’ love for her. We obviously cover many other pieces of jewellery, given both of our passion for it!


When asked what advice she would give, Rachael says passion.  It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re giving it your all.  And her advice to emerging designers is to put yourself out there as much as possible.  Talk about your work, wear your work and network.  You don’t know what opportunities will come. I can completely vouch for this advice as most of the opportunities I have been presented with in my own life come from the relationships I have built along the way.


You can listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify and many other platforms and I hope you love it. If as a result you'd like to learn more about redesigning jewellery you can download my brochure through the link below.