White Sapphire Engagement Ring by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Design brief: White Sapphire Engagement Ring with Filigree Design

I want to share a story of a beautiful engagement!

Earlier this year, at the beginning of summer, a gentleman got in touch with me wanting an engagement ring for his soon to be fiancee! My client already had a few ideas running though his head which was brilliant, he was really putting some thought into this! He contacted me asking for ruby in a Celtic design and upon further conversations he sent me images of some of the jewellery she currently wears and means a lot to her!

Her style seemed quite delicate, she had a vintage inspired ring and there was lots of swirly patterns and filigree involved.

After our first conversations, I sent my client some sketches, a few different ideas and see where to go from there. After some back and forth we had a sketch to work with!

I went on and did the CAD design, I am so pleased to say I got it right first time! This was the ring!

Now, throughout our discussions one thing we spoke about was diamond alternatives. At the beginning we were considering Ruby and a diamond alternative (not wanting traditional) but in the end my client decided on a stunning White Sapphire. The gem had so much character and such sparkle to it!

So, I got to work making the ring. I could tell right from the start this was going to be beautiful and the thought that had gone into it was going to make it even more special!

I finished the ring and posted it to the gentleman who was very happy upon receiving it! He was however waiting until the end of summer to propose. I waited and waited in anticipation for the email telling me she said yes! When it landed in my inbox I was so happy! 

His Fiancee loves her white sapphire engagement ring and how much thought he had put into it! The ring didn’t quite fit initially so my client posted it back and within 48 hours I had resized it and she was wearing it again. All part of the service!

My client left me a lovely review on google: “Fantastic customer service; providing bespoke jewellery at reasonable prices with true attention to detail.
I wanted a bespoke wedding ring made for my financée; Roseanna was more than happy to guide me through the process, and provide feedback that resulted in a ring that my financée absolutely loved.”

This is one of the big reasons I love what I do, being part of someone’s ‘happy ever after’.

Do you want to propose? Do you want to be proposed too? Let us make you the engagement ring of your dreams and help you create your happy ever after.