Why We Love Jewellery

In light of all our exciting travels to Buckingham Palace and all the really exciting changes happening here at Roseanna Croft Jewellery, I wanted to bring things back to the beginning and share with you why we do what we do, why we love jewellery.

I believe that jewellery isn’t something that you just wear but it’s something that you should experience and that should make the wearer feel a certain way. Every piece of jewellery has its own story to tell and every piece of the jewellery we own has a piece of us in it.


If you look in your jewellery box, I bet we could talk for hours about the memories each piece of jewellery brings back to you.


I looked in my jewellery box the other day and I found my Christening spoon that was made for me by my uncle; I found a necklace from one of my first boyfriends; The necklace my dad gave me when he got married; I found some costume jewellery I bought whilst on holiday in Spain when I was 14 – I don’t think I ever wore it! I just sat and got immersed in those memories and lost track of time. While I’m not a dweller on the past, I was remembering chapters of my life, it was wonderful.


If you’re reading this, I want you to go to your jewellery box right now, find the oldest piece in it, and leave a comment to tell the story of it – that would make my day!


It’s about memories, love and sentiment, that’s why I love jewellery. I love designing jewellery to tell a story. I want to tell your story. I want to offer everyone I work with the chance to fall in love with the experience of owning beautiful jewellery in the same way that I have.


While I’m extremely interested in gemstones, metals, past fashion eras such as the 1920’s and the finer things in life (such as diamonds and champagne), ultimately it’s about how jewellery can make you feel. That feeling of love and warmth when you’re taken back to a memory. The feeling of excitement when you explain to a friend the experience you had when it was given to you, or when you designed it. So, in one sentence, why do we do what we do? To give everyone we work with and meet a wonderful experience you will never forget, to help you capture memories and tell the love stories of your life.


Best Wishes

Roseanna  x