Why You Don’t Need A Special Occasion To “Dress Up” With Jewellery

Many people wear jewellery because it just adds a little “something” to a look. Whether a pendant or a delicate bracelet, the right piece can really catch the eye. But so many people think that jewellery is only for special occasions – they couldn’t be further off the mark! While the right earrings may bring that extra touch of magic to a bridesmaid dress or birthday get-up, jewellery is not only for those special one-off events.

Here are just a few reasons why we wear our favourite pieces of jewellery any day and every day…

Feel sexy and powerful

Looking good makes you feel good, which in turn shows in your outer confidence. You can use jewellery to highlight your favourite parts of yourself – whether it’s a blue gemstone to bring out the colour of your eyes, a gold bracelet that enhances your skin tone, or a ring that draws attention to your new manicure, jewellery takes the best parts of us and makes them pop!

Whether it is acing that key job interview or impressing your partner’s parents at dinner, looking good will give you the confidence to succeed. Jewellery is one of the easiest and most effective ways to look amazing and feel empowered as a result.

Ideal way to finish any outfit

Very often, adding a choker necklace or glittery bangle to your basic top and jeans can “complete” the look. Sometimes you can glance in the mirror and feel that something is just missing – the finishing touch! Adding a stunning piece of jewellery like an elegant pair of earrings or a statement ring ties up all the loose ends and completes your outfit.

You just like how it looks

We dress for ourselves, not for anyone else – but sometimes it can be hard to remember that. No matter what we’re wearing or where we’re going, sometimes choosing to add a piece of jewellery just feels right. If anyone asks you where you’re ‘off to dressed like that’ or comments on how dressy you are today, just tell them that you’re living your life the way you want. No matter what anyone else says, you can wear jewellery for no reason other than liking the way it looks.

Bespoke jewellery with Roseanna Croft

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