Willa Newton | My Roseanna Croft Jewellery Story


Meeting Roseanna Croft was a glittering revelation.  She is such a lovely person and that comes out in the wonderful jewellery she produces.

I love jewellery but often find it difficult to find pieces which are under-stated and classy so it was great to discover Roseanna’s work.

I haven’t had too much involvement with jewellery designers in the past, but I was impressed by how relaxed and comfortable Roseanna made me feel about putting my ideas across; and was wowed by how she translated those into the final pieces from just a few pointers and her beautiful sketches.

At our first meeting, we went through what might suit me.  Although I had ideas, they definitely needed further development and Roseanna’s expert take on it all was fascinating.  She has such an innate feel for it all.

I told Roseanna about my love of Aquamarine and its light bluish tint of green which is quite close to my Willa Newton Eventing colours and a tone that I feel compliments me.  I was looking for something that was delicate and could be worn to an evening event, but at the same time, I could also enjoy wearing on a more regular basis.

So, Roseanna came up with the concept of my beautiful hooped earrings which I could also add an aquamarine drop to for more formal, smarter occasions.

Roseanna sketched the ideas at the time and then sent through some 3D designs which looked stunning and I instantly fell in love with.  We talked through those and made some slight tweaks before agreeing the final design.  I loved that flexibility and being so involved with the process.  It really made me feel that I had a strong connection to the pieces and that they were uniquely mine.

In about 6 weeks, the pieces were ready and when I tried them on they were exactly what I wanted and I loved them. It was a brilliant, decadent journey and I have so enjoyed developing an idea into a finished product and working with the talented Roseanna Croft.

Willa Newton x

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