Willa Newton Talks Self-Care and Our ‘Love, Me’ Campaign


Working with Roseanna Croft Jewellery and learning all about her ‘Love me’ campaign has made me reflect on whether I do enough to make time for myself.

If I’m absolutely honest I am not very good at making ‘me’ time during the busy season of eventing.

On a training day, I find what is important is to keep to a routine wherever possible and make sure I have a good breakfast, lunch and a main meal in the evening.   Of course, that’s a lot easier on a home day but very important with about 10 horses to ride each day.

Exercising that many horses a day tends to keep me riding fit.  In the summer, I often swim after work or play tennis or run. I find exercise a good way to let off some steam and to switch off from work, and of course, it helps my fitness levels too.

For extra stamina and energy for that competitive edge, I will try and fit in at least one strength and conditioning session a week which I am currently doing  at Loughborough, as part of the World Class programme.

I do try to spend time with my friends and family in the evening.  I like to relax and have dinner with them and give myself time to switch off from work.

In the winter I try and visit my friends more. Often, I’ll take the odd weekend off to go and spend time with them. I am also very lucky to have been on a Winter sun holiday recently  and I have found that a great way to switch off, unwind and refresh so I return to work ready and more motivated.

I also love to go skiing in the winter again a different way to unwind but great fun to go and spend time with family and friends whilst doing an activity.

I choose myself by watching what I eat and maintaining my energy intake during training and on competition days, but of course we all have treats we can’t resist!   My unashamed guilty food pleasure is American style chocolate cookies!

I think the ‘Love, Me’ ring is the perfect reminder to practice self-love, as when you are busy as most of us are these days, we can all forget to choose ourselves and to put ourselves first.

Love, Willa x