Workshop Wednesday: In The Spring

So this week, I have finally got around to setting my new range ‘In The Spring’. Yes, you guessed it, I designed it this spring. Which has since come and gone! So we’re slightly not on target with the release of this new range! But, hey, we’re all busy aren’t we and anyway, I still love it! It might even be my favourite to date! 

A simple range based on the shapes of leaves and petals set with the beautiful pastel coloured gemstones of Rose Amethyst, Green Amethyst and Rose Quartz. These stones complement each other so well and are so easy to wear.

In The Spring.jpg

In The Spring Bracelet
In the range, I have a pendant, bracelet, earrings and a lovely ring. All the ‘petals’ are varied in style so the range isn’t an exact copy of each other, which I really like!

The Rose (or, light) Amethyst is the predominant stone being set off by the Green and Rose Quartz and the Sterling Silver it’s set in, has both a Matte and High Polish finish which adds extra contrast.

Because the stones are set right next to each other in the pendant and ring, it makes it quite a tricky piece to set, ensuring the claws are separated and over the correct stone is a must!


I’ve filmed a short video of me setting the pendant so you can catch a glimpse of how intricate it can be. Setting these stones requires a lot of patience but seeing the end piece is so worth it! You can find the video by following this link or directly from my YouTube channel ‘Roseanna Croft Jewellery’.