Workshop Wednesday: Personalised Cufflinks

What makes a gift more special than personalising it? Well I was asked by a valued customer to create some personalised cufflinks for her son’s 30th birthday. She wanted something simple with a bit of detailing and her son’s initials.


Stamping the Lettering

So I went to work, I pierced out my ovals and picked out my lettering. It was quite an unplanned piece and I made the design up as I went, which isn’t unusual really! I stamped on the letters and soldered the mechanism onto the main event. We thought they’d work best with a matte finish rather than high polish and I added a little extra by oxidising the lettering. They turned out quite striking, simple yet effective.

There’s not much men’s jewellery on the market that’s why I love to make it. Why should the men in our lives not have beautiful jewellery as well? So that’s why making these have inspired me to create unique cufflinks and offer them on my website. Personalise with initials or go for a more plain option but every pair will be one of a kind. 


Finished Product

You can have so much fun making cufflinks, the textures that can be added, writing, different finishes and oxidisation. Such a simple piece of jewellery that has so much to offer!