Workshop Wednesday: Personalised Handmade Stacking Rings

An ever growing, popular trend of 2016, where layering and stacking your jewellery is what it’s all about. I love this trend, why? Because when you can’t decide what to wear – wear it all!

So, a valued customer of Roseanna Croft Jewellery saw a set of stacking rings I’d previously made and asked if I could make her a personalised set, of course I could!

We stuck to the same theme of Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold, textured and polished add in 2 of her birthstones, Pearl and Alexandrite.

Stacking Rings3

All the colours in the set complimenting each other beautifully and you may or may not know that Alexandrite is a colour changing stone when looked at in different lights.

So, I set to work making all the different components. First, the rings, using different thicknesses of silver to add another dimension to the set. The trick here is not to make the overall set too wide so it is uncomfortable to wear.

Stacking Rings

Next, the adornments. 18ct Yellow Gold drops for 3 of the rings, a setting for the Alexandrite and a pin for the Pearl.

After a wave of my magic wand I’d soldered, set and polished the 5 rings. As you can see from my photos they sit very well together so they can be worn in different orders as well as mix and match with others.

Stacking Rings

So what do you think!? I’d love it if you leave a comment and let me know! Or if you’d love a set making for yourself or as a gift, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!