Workshop Wednesday: Russian Love

A true classic in the world of jewellery is the Russian Wedding Ring. Representing the Holy Trinity (not it’s only meaning) and traditionally in tri colour gold they are simple and timeless.

Recently I had the opportunity to make one, all in yellow gold I had melted down from an antique bangle belonging to the customer, imagine the memories! 

They are a tricky piece to make, with a lot of guesswork (that has to be exact!) involved, especially when it comes to

Russian Band.jpg

Joining the rings together

getting the finger size right. The rings have to comfortably sit together and being 3 in 1 we have to make them approximately 3 sizes bigger than intended.

Once making the 3 rings we then fit them together in that mysterious way to create one.

Much to my surprise the rings were perfect first time around, my ‘guesswork’ was spot on! So no amendments needed the rings fit like they were made for each other…!

Russian Bands

For Then, For Now, Forever

Such a traditional piece of jewellery in the Russian culture that has been adopted worldwide, you can find many meanings throughout time. By far my favourite meaning though is the 3 bands being

‘For then, For now, Forever.’ So lovely.