Workshop Wednesday: The Chunky Silver, Love Heart Ring

Workshop Wednesday, where I take the time to share with you a piece I’ve been working on recently! This one turned out a dream, such a sweet story behind it (couple, not been dating long, buying her a handmade gift – – love!)

Enough of the love story though and let’s get to business. Chunky silver rings, never mind with gold embellishments are tricky. There is so much heat involved in joining them together – so soldering the 3 sections together was tough, getting the heat in the right places, hot enough to flow the solder, not too hot to melt the silver!


Anyway, managed with no dramas, although it was getting close! Now, for the 3 cutsie little hearts. So fiddly to pierce out but again, no drama and they turned out lovely!

Onto the really hard part, soldering tiny pieces of 18ct yellow gold onto chunky silver. If you get it too hot you can melt the hearts, or even worse, melt the gold into the silver which would be a disaster! And never mind getting them on evenly!

But guess what!? No drama! All soldered on and debating a high polish or matte finish, I went for high polish to give an extra classy and luxurious look.

David George.jpg

What do you think of the end result!? Would you wear it!?