Workshop Wednesday: The Silver Spoon

I love an unusual idea and love seeing something different. Especially in a world where we all follow similar fashions. What I also love is seeing these unusual ideas turned into the next fashion. It’s a brilliant cycle. 

An idea I’ve been seeing a lot of at the minute and something I’m really getting on board with is antique silver spoon rings. An antique teaspoon, turned up, into a ring. How unique.

I’ve made quite a few recently and no 2 have been the same, a lovely collectable idea for jewellery. Special gifts or just a statement piece.


Flattening the Spoon

Most, are quite simple to make. We anneal the metal to make it soft before hammering out the concave to make it flat, before turning it into a ring, curling the end of the spoon on top of the flattened head. Some spoons are plated and some have more silver in than others, so annealing the spoons can leave patterns called firescale, where the heat has affected the metal. I think this adds to the charm. Like little maps on the high polished metal!


It works well if there are patterns engraved on the spoons and we can also turn them the other way to have their unique hallmark showing. Entirely up to the customer on their preference!

Teaspoon Collage.png

Engraved Teaspoon

So, would you get on board with this trend? I think it’s a lovely idea and would love one as a thumb ring, but I’m waiting to find the perfect teaspoon.

Silver Spoon

Teaspoon With Firescale