Engagement Ring Redesign

Mrs Liddle came to me to discuss updating her engagement ring which was originally set in 18ct yellow gold and made in the middle east in the 90’s. While she loved the ring at the time, she barely wore it anymore and it just sat in her jewellery box. She told me she’d like something more elegant and modern and to add in some blue stones to represent the ocean - which her husband and son both adore. Turquoise was discussed but I made the recommendation that turquoise wouldn’t be suitable for an engagement ring as they’re so soft so we decided on Aquamarines which also literally mean ‘sea water.’

About the Jewellery

  • The design I came up with used claws that ‘flowed’ into one another like waves in the ocean and we alternated her original main diamond with AAA grade aquamarines and two of the smaller diamonds from her engagement ring, leaving the rest of her diamonds for use in another piece of jewellery. Her new engagement ring now sits beautifully next to her Platinum ‘Tiffany & Co’ diamond set wedding ring.
  • Her new ring is made in Platinum, but what happened to Mrs Liddle’s old gold? We used it as credit against her new piece which brought the total cost of her new engagement ring down. This is quite a popular way to make new jewellery if you don’t want to use the old gold you have.
  • Making Mrs Liddles’s ring was a wonderful process because we created her a ring that she now loves wearing not only because it is elegant but also because it has such deep meaning and connection to her family. I know that her plan is to hand this to her son, R, one day.
  • To learn more about updating some of your old jewellery or creating a piece of jewellery of a quality that will be passed through generations then please download my jewellery redesign brochure or click ‘Let’s Talk.’


"Roseanna has recently redesigned my engagement ring and I am totally delighted. The original design was chunky yellow gold 90’s design and I wasn’t wearing it very often. The redesign is set in platinum and very elegant. Roseanna arranged a video call (due to social distancing) so she could get to know me and my preferences for the new ring. After the call she worked on some sketch ideas and when I decided on the one I liked she proceeded to the 3D rendering and final detail decisions before making the ring. The ring has exceeded my expectations and I love it! I can highly recommend Roseanna’s work and highly personal service."