Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Art Deco Style Ring

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The story of redesigning an engagement ring and bridal set to create a unique art deco style ring

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I was approached by Jade and Jamille to redesign Jade’s engagement ring and whole bridal set. While Jade loved her original engagement ring (pictured left), with two young children she was realising the points and sharp edges on the design weren’t practical.


Jade also had a lovely eternity ring with princess cut diamonds that unfortunately didn’t sit right with her engagement and wedding ring.


When we embarked on the design journey together, Jamille told me he wanted to propose with a Ceylon sapphire but he knew that Jade had had her heart set on a certain design from before they had even met. He knew that was the ring to propose with if he wanted a yes!


Making the decision to redesign the engagement and wedding ring set; Jade and Jamille could start again, this time adding in some Ceylon sapphires for sentimental reasons (and for the colour!)

Jade explained she wanted something really glamorous and in a vintage style, perhaps resembling art deco. With Jade’s stones, I knew coming up with a design would be a challenge but I do love one of those!

About the Jewellery

  • Knowing the main details of what Jade and Jamille were looking for meant I could start on the design, but not until I had sourced the perfect Ceylon sapphires. As we already had the pear-shaped diamond as the centre stone I thought a matching pair of pear-shaped sapphires would work well. Things we had to consider were size and colour - the shade of blue was important to stand out in the design, and of course, where they were mined was important (they had to be from Sri Lanka).
  • The design I came up with eventually uses the main pear-shaped diamond in the centre, encased in a halo made of the princess and round diamonds from her original rings. I then placed the two Ceylon sapphires leading down to the shoulders of the ring.
  • To stay with the Art Deco and ‘vintage’ theme, we included a milgrain edge around all the bezels and set the diamond halo in a pave style.
  • We included the Platinum from her original rings in the new piece.
  • To learn more about updating some of your old jewellery to suit your lifestyle or creating a piece of jewellery of a quality that will be passed through generations then please download my jewellery redesign brochure or click ‘Let’s Talk.’