Remodelling Old Jewellery

Do you have some unwearable yet sentimental pieces of jewellery in your procession that once belonged to a loved one? Maybe a piece of jewellery passed down to you or an old wedding or engagement ring from a past relationship? Using our Bespoke Design Service, you can reinvent your jewellery into something new to be worn again for another lifetime.

Let our team of skilled goldsmiths guide you through the design process and help you bring the stories of your old jewellery back to life. Whether you want to re-use existing metals and stones or replace them entirely, we will ensure the essence of the original piece still remains so you can hold the same sentiment but in a new, more luxurious finish.

Jewellery is made to be worn and just like anything overtime it will wear and lose detail. With our Jewellery Redesign Service, we can bring life back to your old jewellery by replacing gemstones, restoring ring shanks to even remodelling the design into something new entirely. With over 10 years’ experience designing bespoke jewellery, we can do almost anything. Why not get some unworn gold smelted down and designed into something brand new like the sparkly necklace you saw your favourite celebrity wear or the dream ring you have pinned on Pinterest? There are no limitations to your imagination.

Don’t let precious and sentimental pieces get lost in a jewellery box but instead revive them with our bespoke services.

What can I do with my old worn jewellery?

Too many people jump to the conclusion that selling their old jewellery is the best way to go, but don’t! There are so many amazing ways of restoring your favourite pieces with our Bespoke Design Service. Give your old jewellery a new lease of life and remodel it into something that can be worn for another lifetime.

How do I redesign my old jewellery?

Browse through your jewellery box and dig out all those old pieces that have sadly been abandoned over the years. Then simply book a bespoke Design Experience appointment with us which we can hold virtually or in our stunning Bakewell boutique.

In your first design consultation your designer will talk you through and explain some jewellery redesign options. Together we will get a sense of the story behind your old jewellery and how you’d like to remodel it into something new. Once you are happy with a preliminary sketch and 3D design, we will begin work on creating you your dream piece of jewellery.

Roseanna Croft
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