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Show the world the love you have for yourself with this sterling silver necklace scribed with ‘Love, Me.’ Set with a dainty diamond and tiny heart that always hangs close to your own as an all important reminder.

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Love, Me Necklace


A necklace symbolising the love you have for yourself. I believe everyone deserves to feel loved, so I made this necklace with the scribed words 'Love, Me' in sterling silver and set with a delicate diamond to showcase your inner sparkle.

This necklace also has the same tiny heart detail seen in our ‘Love, Me’ rings, you will feel empowered every time you wear this and catch a glimpse in the mirror.

It is a reminder to give yourself love and respect. What can be more special than that? Choose this necklace as the perfect gift for yourself or for someone else who needs to hear some self-loving words of reassurance.

Pair it with our ‘Love, Me’ ring and embrace your inner beauty and shine bright. Wear it alone for a timeless look, or layer it with other necklaces for a statement look. But whatever you do, let the words inspire you to be kinder each day and celebrate the good in yourself.

A gift for yourself or for someone you care about, this Sterling Silver necklace is a reminder for a lifetime of love and joy. The words hang from an 18inch Sterling Silver chain and each necklace is made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


In Sterling Silver and Diamond these necklaces start from £279.

(All prices are inclusive of VAT)

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