Handmade, ‘Love, Me’ ring in Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver with a Pear Shaped, Lab-Grown Diamond.

‘Love, Me’ is more than just a ring.  It is a movement that champions women to choose themselves before anybody else.  We have entered an era of female empowerment.  A new age of women supporting each other and choosing not to be defined by their race, their culture, their sexuality and their relationship status.

I created the ‘Love, Me’ ring through personal experiences of my own and experiences of the women around me who I love. I had to ‘choose myself’ from a young age and since then have been on a wild journey of investing in myself and learning to truly love myself before anyone else. This is where the inspiration for this campaign began.

Love, Me - The Self Love Ring, From One Woman to Another

A customer wearing the Love, Me ring in 18ct Rose Gold whilst visiting Scotland!


Why have I created this ring?

This campaign is here to help give you the confidence you deserve to put your needs before others and have the confidence to invest in yourself. As a woman, I have often put the needs of others before my own and ended up hurt and alone.

I have been made to feel second best by a man who I have needed all my life; I have been put in unsafe situations as a teenage girl by a man who didn’t care; I have been manipulated and called crazy by a man for showing emotion and expressing myself; I have been hated by a man just because I am a woman. Left unsure if love truly exists.

I have been abandoned by friends when I needed them most; I have been judged by women for just being me; I have heard women mocking another woman’s achievements through jealousy. Left keeping my distance.

Left living a life scared of rejection and scared of never being enough. Until now.

I truly believe that the key to happiness is to love and value ourselves and that when we are able to do this it will reflect in all areas of our lives. I have hope for love, and I have hope for women. When we do love ourselves and encourage other women to fall in love with themselves – we can change the world.

We will no longer be seen as ‘the other half’, as we are whole and complete.  Gone are the days of tradition when Diamonds were given and why should they be? We are capable of loving and valuing ourselves. We earn our own money, so why shouldn’t we spend it on a little piece of luxury?

The Roseanna Croft ‘Love, Me’ collection is a statement to the world that you are choosing to love yourself. It is a reminder to embrace and celebrate who you are. And be proud to be the independent woman you are and buy your own Diamonds!

Love, Roseanna x