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Series 1

The first episode opens with Roseanna speaking to her mother,  Professor Amanda Croft, a recently retired chief executive of a health board in Scotland. Professor Croft was told that she wasn't good enough to be a nurse and she completely proved that person wrong.


Professor Croft speaks of the pieces made for her by Roseanna, including the first ever piece of jewellery she made! As well as her late mother’s engagement ring that gives her connection to dear memories of her.


When asked about leaving a legacy she hopes her staff will say “She genuinely cared for people, which helps the staff look after the patients.” 


Closing advice is work hard and have a work life balance and also don’t let the knock backs knock you back - ‘bounce back up and bounce even higher’.

Poppy Delbridge, is described by Glamour Magazine as one of television's most powerful women throughout her career in TV. She is a single mother to a 16 year old daughter and owns two businesses; a self development business and a television company.


Poppy shares a very personal story about her dad which explains and shows the importance of mindset and the power it has, ‘there are miracles to be had’ she says. She talks about ‘catching the whispers' and trusting your intuition, and this will guide you.  Poppy’s own legacy is about changing lives at their very core. 


There's a necklace that her mum gave to her, which her dad gave to her mum first, and when Poppy wears it she’s reminded of her parents love and her mothers strength and feminine power and it acts as an anchor point.


Closing advice Poppy says, don’t let things sit in your head, ‘it needs to move to the heart’. 

Alex Depledge MBE, is founder and CEO of Resi, the UK’s leading architectural practice. Alex was awarded an MBE in 2016 for her services to the sharing economy.


When asked about legacy, Alex says she wants to create a place where people actually wanted to work, a place that was just part of life. 


Alex’s favourite piece of jewellery is a ring that was stolen from her mum's house, it was an oval cut emerald, it was a statement ring and inspired her love for big pieces. Alex claims to need more bespoke jewellery making for her!


Her advice is when you have an idea or dream, just get started. Jump and trust that the net will appear.

Scarlett Roittman is a London mother who took her love for art and culture and turned it into a fabulous blog called Diary of a Londoness, which as she says herself is a mish mash of arts, culture and London life in general. 


For Scarlett with jewellery and other collectables, legacy is about something that you pass on to your children or others that holds a story or memory.   


Scarlett talks about her diamond engagement ring which was remade into pieces for her and her daughters after losing one of the diamonds. Each of her three daughters have a piece of jewellery to connect them to their parents and can one day pass on to their children.


Scarlett’s advice is shared from her son-in-law “write your own obituary, if you don’t like how it reads, rethink what you’re doing”.

This week’s podcast is with Dr Catherine Baudino, was an academic now turned coach and mentor to executives, supporting them up the ladder and into retirement, helping them to gain clarity and the confidence they need to overcome the boundaries in their workplace and personal lives.


Her legacy is partly in her humour and being able to defuse a complex situation. Her most memorable piece is her engagement ring despite the fact that she was no longer with her husband at the time of his death, she still feels a deep connection to him and the memories it brings.


Dr Baudino’s advice is if you want to take advantage of life, pay attention to what's going on around you, listen and learn and consider the perspective of someone else.

Series one closes with Lorraine Pringle, founder of LOCA, a private community for brands and influencers. Following her career in fashion with some big brands, Lorraine aligned her values and passion and created a platform where she’s able to help and connect people to collaborate and develop ideas and partnerships.


The meaning of legacy to Lorraine, is about what you leave behind, having fun and the fact that you’ve made a difference in the world. 


Lorraine shares a beautiful story about how her wedding and engagement rings have fused together and the symbolism of this.


Lastly, her advice is to find out what your true values are and live by them; don’t forget about yourself and - go with your gut!

Series 2


The series opens up with Rachael Taylor, a jewellery journalist who built one of the most read jewellery magazine from scratch before becoming a freelance jewellery journalist and writes for the likes of the Financial Times and Rapaport and also runs a project called the Jewellery Cut which is a platform that serves to introduce and connect Independent jewellery designers to the mainstream using editorials, social media and live events.

Her legacy aside from her printed work is making jewellery a conversation in the online space. Her vision has always been to make jewellery accessible, showcasing the independent small designers as well as the big names. Her legacy is also the connections and introductions she’s able to make for people through the Jewellery Cut and has become a passion project.

Rachael talks about a gold necklace with a tiny carving of a hand clutching a heart shaped ruby which she had seen and obsessed about, but hadn’t yet bought. The story gets sweeter as she then shares how her husband gave her this same necklace at the Jewellery Cut’s first independent show to commemorate the event.

Her closing advice is to give your all in everything that you do.

Hampton Manor is a boutique hotel and Michelin star restaurant set on a historical estate, it is a family business and Fjona Hill is the Creative Director. She initially trained as a doctor but her creative calling put her on a different path.

For the family, legacy takes a deeper and physical meaning with Hampton Manor, it is a place where you can see the physical values and it is their job as stewards to continue sowing that depth.


Continuing on legacy, Fjona’s husband James, had her engagement ring reworked using a second hand gold band. They love that a stand of history is woven into their own story.

Her closing advice is to do the soul work. As it’s not always obvious what your soul needs.

Mumble Forum is a platform whose mission is to inspire social change, empower mothers and encourage future generations. Monique Hodgson is a founder and she wants to redefine what motherhood means to women around the world.

Legacy is primarily about how you positively impact someone else's life, either though your actions or in can be an organisation you have built that will inspire and motivate.

It can also be in a jewellery that has a story. Monique talks of her grandma’s ruby ring which represents hard work and creating a goal and going for it. Wearing it reminds Monique that even when things are hard, if you have a goal, it is possible.

Her closing advice is to look around and try to pursue the one thing that drives you and try and link it to a purpose where others benefit.

Willa Newton is a young lady who found her passion in horses. She’s been riding from a young age and is now a professional British Eventing rider.

Legacy for Willa is what she wants to leave behind in the form of her equine business and the memory she wants others to have, namely that she is a natural with her horses. She also thinks there is a legacy in giving back and sharing some of the opportunities she was blessed and continues to be blessed to have.

Her favourite piece is one she designed with Roseanna, a delicate 18 carat yellow gold earrings with aquamarine drops and a ring to match, designed especially to be able to be worn when competing.

Her advice is to never stop learning and keep looking forward.

Jo is a lady who is open to opportunities and changes and it is possibly the reason for her success. She is a creative, a teacher and Luxury Candle Business owner and author of Ask and Act.

Legacy for Jo is the impact she’s had on hundreds who have gone through her workshops, it is the catalyst that brings about change.

Three heart shaped diamonds modeled into a bracelet given to her by her husband is one of her most treasured items.

Her advice is that everyone should run a marathon - the journey of discovery that this takes you on, will reveal so much about what we’re capable of.

These are the ladies behind Queens of Mayfair, an artisan coffee shop with deep values connected to supporting responsible consumption and a welcoming community. This sister duo realised there was something missing in their community and created a space that they themselves would want to use.

Legacy for Victoria and Grace is all about family, honouring the past and providing inspiration to the next generation. In terms of the business, there's much they want to achieve but one of those goals is for women succeeding in business to be the norm and not the exception.

Grace loves jewellery and will wear something till it literally falls off or breaks. She’s sentimental and is very attached to the stories. She once commissioned a turquoise ring and hopes to be able to design her engagement ring. Victoria loves her watches but has a few jewellery pieces she treasures, namely her grandmother's necklace and a ring given to her by her mum.

Their advice to leading a meaningful life is to find your passion and follow it, and have the courage to break free from your comfort zone, you only have one life.

Fay Cannings is founder of Seekd, an online marketplace to find eco friendly jewellery and accessories. Fay’s passion for community and sustainability is reflected in her journey and it is truly inspiring how she lives by her values.


Seekd is leaving a legacy that empowers and impacts others, Fay it driven by a purpose bigger then herself and for her it’s about creating individual impact in people's lives and offering community and connectivity.


She has a deep connection to jewellery through family ties, heirlooms and of course her business and her favourite piece - and she has a couple - is one she wears all the time and is an heirloom passed down from her grandmother and is a stunning antique styled 2 stoned ring.  


Her closing advice is to add your stamp on everything you do.

Anna Hemmings is Britain's most successful female kayaker and has had quite a journey. She's translating the lessons she's learned in her sports journey, including her diagnosis with chronic fatigue syndrome - and overcoming it, into the business world, and now coaches people to break down barriers and to maximize their potential.


Anna talks about her legacy being the knowledge she shares about the ability to overcome adversity, and specifically in relation to chronic fatigue syndrome.  It’s important that people know that it can be done and so she shares her journey and what worked for her. Legacy is about that small impact you make in the world.


In terms of possessions, her medals of course are the first mentioned because they tell the legacy of her sports journey and they each have a story.  The necklace her husband gave her a few days before their wedding is also very special - she’s worn it everyday since.


Her parting advice is thinking about your direction and purpose, considering what your relatives and those around you will say about you when you’re 80. 

Roseanna wraps up series 2 with a short introduction of her incredible guests and shares her takeaways. She reinforces the 3 areas that she covers in each episode; their life, legacy and jewellery and says that the three together are filled with power and value.

Series 3


Josie Goodbody is an author, mother and jewellery historian. Josie has written some extremely entertaining books about the mysteries of Jemima Fox and her jewellery career! In this episode we talk about Josie’s travels and what brought her to where she is today, writing books and sharing her expertise.

Josie has truly lived an amazing life and I love that she found a deep passion for jewellery from such an early age. This is for me how a strong legacy begins, by following your passion.

Josie has an abundance of heirloom jewellery that has a story for each piece which carries the legacy of her mother and other treasured relatives.

Josie’s advice to be honest with yourself and don’t put pressure on yourself is so relevant for the fast times we are living in. It’s drilled into us that we’re supposed to do all of these things to be successful. It’s amazing when you find something you’re passionate about but don't feel you have to do it all. This is something I have learned first hand over the last 12 months especially - please make sure you take time to enjoy life.

Anouska Taylor is a voice coach and a professional singer. In this episode we talk about Anouska’s journey and what brought her back to singing and the importance of authentic expression.

Her legacy and purpose is to inspire women to find their authentic voice.

She feels her mothers presence by wearing her jewellery and these give her strength when a situation calls for a little extra courage.

Anouska’s advice on living a meaningful life and leaving a legacy is to go inwards and to know yourself, and to honour yourself. The more you connect to yourself and find what really lights you up, the more impact you can have and leave a greater legacy.

Action Amanda aka Amanda Frolich is a children's champion and her mission is to teach children in the early childhood years how to be healthy and fit. She does this through props, music, dancing and a whole load of fun. She is passionate about her concept because getting the kids at a foundational level, sets them up for success in later years.

In this episode we talk about Action Amanda’s 30 year legacy and all the things she wants to do.

Legacy for Amanda is being remembered for doing something wonderful and showing up and shining for other people.
She talks about a necklace given to her by her best friends for her 50th birthday, her engagement ring that she helped design, and the watches she wears and loves.

Her advice about living a meaningful life is to look after your body as you only get one life. Spend time with your family, have a good work life balance. And if you have a gift, go out there and don’t hold back. Don’t live in what if’s. Take life's opportunities. Say yes and work out how to do it afterwards.

Lucy Kebbell is founder of The Vendeur which is a media platform focused on sustainable and ethical fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She is a champion for small sustainable brands. She is also host of a podcast called ‘Style with substance’.

In this episode we talk about Lucy’s glamorous experience and what led her to sustainable fashion.

For Lucy, legacy is about how we leave things, the impact that’s felt after we are gone. This can be within a personal relationship or it can be on your work or even your environment. Have you left it better than it was?


Lucy comes from a family that values jewellery and the stories they told, and so she’s fortunate to have quite a collection that’s been passed down to her. She tells us stories of some of these pieces.


For her advice on living a meaningful life and leaving a legacy, Lucy goes back to thinking about how you leave things; with people and with the planet. Slow down, be mindful of the now and be in that moment.

Gina Unterhalter is a soul and purpose led life, career and business coach. She started her career in law and spent ten years there before realising that it wasn’t her calling. She now empowers people to create their legacies, doing what they love. She’s also a mother to two young boys.

This is a thought provoking conversation and in this episode we talk about Gina’s life and living your life in true alignment.

Legacy for Gina is being brave enough to step into our purpose and be the change we want to see in the world.

Gina talks about her engagement ring that has such a wonderful story and meaning and is now a constant reminder of the legacy of her family and purpose led work she’s doing now and her relationship with her husband.

For her advice on living a meaningful life and leaving a legacy, Gina says to trust yourself, trust your power and your truth. Know and believe that you are powerful and that the world needs you just as you are. You are enough.

Gemma Ray is a power house who wears many hats. Her most important role is being a mother but she is also a best selling author, a radio presenter, a podcast host, and head of content for Body Smart Fitness.

In this episode we talk about the importance of self discipline, making the most out of your life and so much more.

Legacy for Gemma is how you’re remembered and the lasting impact that you leave. For her own legacy, through Body Smart Fitness, Gemma is part of a legacy that is changing the future for a lot of people. She is also part of a knife crime awareness initiative and that campaign means she’s part of a team that is potentially changing a young person’s life.

Gemma loves jewellery and she shares details of some wonderful pieces both for her personally and pieces in the family. She also talks of getting her 3 rings modeled into one; her wedding ring, her engagement ring and the ring her husband gave her when they just started dating. A ring is not just a ring, it tells a story of their love, and the ring is a reminder of that love that she can carry all the time.

For her advice on living a meaningful life and leaving a legacy, comes down to values. For Gemma hers are trust, fun, positivity and expression, as long as she’s practicing one of the values she's happy with but the most important one is trust, which also encompases truth, speaking your truth to yourself and others. Don’t be scared to be who you are.

Dr Sally Bell is a trained GP and medical doctor with over 20 years of experience. She uses a style of medicine that is very personalised.

In this episode we talk about Dr Sally Bell’s journey to wholehearted living and so much more.

Legacy for Sally is deep, it’s what messages she’s sharing, and how she lives her life in a way that is sustainable not only for her own health but for planetary health too. It’s creating a future for not only her children but for her grandchildren as well. Her own legacy is to create beautiful family rhythms that are sustainable and healthy. Thinking about nutrition, and healthy living for ourselves and the earth.

Sally’s family didn’t really have jewellery aside from wedding rings but Sally loves the idea of heirlooms, so much so that she’s saving so that she can create beautiful jewellery for her girls.

Her advice on living a meaningful and wholehearted life and leaving a legacy, is to have the courage to live an inside out life, connect with who you really are, surround yourself with people who call out the better you, and who give you the courage to live from your inner convictions. Once you find that sweet spot, that’s wholehearted living.

Roseanna wraps up series 3 with a short introduction of her 8 incredible guests and shares her takeaways. She reinforces the 3 areas that she covers in each episode; their life, legacy and jewellery and says that the three together are filled with power and value.

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