Deep Sea Pearl | Baroque Pearl Pendant in 18ct Yellow Gold


A one of a kind necklace, forming part of our Deep Sea collection, with a baroque pearl hanging from a 20inch 18ct Yellow Gold Chain.


Timeless elegance defines this breathtaking, naturally formed pearl necklace which has been handmade to be completely one of a kind in our Bakewell design boutique. As part of our Deep-Sea bespoke jewellery collection, this gorgeous pearl pendant is inspired by the mysterious depths of the ocean and the many hidden treasures it contains.

Just like the ocean full of beauty and natural phenomena, this exquisite Pearl and 18 carat Gold necklace is designed to leave any one who sees it in awe. The 18 carat gold chain allows the pearl pendant to hang gracefully against your chest while its matching gold bail brings to life it’s shiny iridescence catching the eyes of passers-by.

A naturally formed pearl necklace like this is also a fantastic reminder to celebrate life’s imperfections. We can sometimes be too quick to judge our own flaws but when you witness the beauty of a natural pearl, it reminds you to celebrate them and embrace your own individuality.  Just like this 18ct gold Pearl necklace, we are all unique and deserve to celebrate that fact.

This Pearl and Gold necklace is a true representation of fine jewellery and as part of our couture jewellery collection the necklace is completely one of a kind and can be owned by no one else but you.


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