‘Love, Me’ Necklace


‘Love, Me’ is a movement to show the world that you choose to love and invest in yourself by wearing this statement of beautiful script necklace.



‘Love, Meโ€™ is more than just jewellery.ย  It is a movement to champion you as women to choose yourselves before anybody else.ย  We have entered an era of female empowerment…

First there was the ring, and now, there is the necklace. In our growing movement towards empowering all females to love themselves we thought it about time to bring out another piece in the collection.

The Self Love Necklace, From One Woman to Another.

A simple necklace that says a lot. This necklace is the perfect addition to your outfit, any time, any place, anywhere. Layer it with your other favourite chains and pendants or give it pride of place.

This necklace is made in Sterling Silver and is set with a dainty lab-grown diamond. Your engraved heart is always visible when you look for it as a part of the reminder to love yourself deeply.

Whatever your story, you deserve to have your own love. Donโ€™t deny yourself that.

Love, Roseanna x


Due to the personal nature of this necklace, it is handmade to order and will take 4-6 weeks to complete and ship to your chosen address. Have a query? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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