Morganite Mandala | 18ct Rose Gold Necklace with Morganite and Diamond


Romantic 18 carat Rose Gold necklace, set with a stunning Morganite surrounded by glistening white diamonds.

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Evoking a feminine and spiritual sensation, this Morganite 18ct Rose Gold necklace is inspired by the term Mandala which comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit meaning ‘circle’. Like a circle, this Mandala necklace represents wholeness, balance and eternity while its beautiful geometric pattern and intricate symmetry symbolises the notion that life is beautiful and never ending.

Adorning the centre of this Rose Gold Mandala necklace is a breathtaking Morganite gemstone which boasts a gorgeous, gentle pink tone, a faceted finish and its own connotations of divine love. Pairing with the romantic colours of the 18 carat Rose Gold setting and Morganite gemstone are glistening white diamonds that bring a sense of glamour and wonderment to the geometric design.

Representing far more than just a shape, this Morganite Mandala Rose Gold necklace is a true representation of fine jewellery and as part of our couture jewellery collection the necklace is completely one of a kind and can be owned by no one else but you.


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