The Feather Sterling Silver Necklace with Ceylon Sapphire and White Pearl


One of a kind Feather Necklace in Sterling Silver, Ceylon Sapphire and White Pearl.


The centrepiece to our Feather collection and part of our Couture jewellery range, this breathtaking Sterling Silver with White Pearl and Ceylon Sapphire Pendant is completely one of a kind and can be owned by no one else but you. The gorgeous combination of striking sapphire blue and the shimmering iridescence of the pearls will completely captivate you into falling like a feather for our fine jewellery. 

The sight of a feather blowing gently through the air can remind us of so many beautiful sentiments, whether it’s that of freedom and independence, love and gratitude or the expression that angels are near. With so many elegant connotations, this Couture Sterling Silver with Pearl and Sapphire Pendant has more than one story to tell and with there being only one piece made it can represent whatever you desire.

The true beauty of this Feather necklace comes from its versatile design suitable to be worn both day and night. Add a touch of charm to a casual outfit or let the graceful curves of the design hang low against your chest for a more sultry finish. Just like the opulent feathers worn by Flapper girls of the 1920’s, no matter how you wear it this elegant Couture pendant will evoke glamour, luxury and feminine strength. For a truly unmissable look, pair this Pearl and Sapphire Feather necklace with other pieces from our Feather jewellery collection like our Feather earrings and Feather ring.


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