One of a kind, bespoke jewellery for the sports fans in our lives. The possibilities are endless.

Here at Roseanna Croft Jewellery we are massive fans of sport. Whether it’s catching up over a game of football, nipping to Twickenham for the rugby or settling in for an intense Formula 1 race. We have members of our team who partake in long distance running and some in athletics. We love sport, it’s a great way for people to come together and a great thing to celebrate.

However, we don’t believe there is enough jewellery out there for sporting enthusiasts, both ladies and gentlemen so we offer a service to create sports, bespoke jewellery you can treasure forever.

We can incorporate any logo (subject to copyright) or sporting equipment such as basketballs, hockey sticks or even ballet shoes into any design. And create anything from tie pins, cuff-links, pendants and charms for bracelets. A chance to create something really personal and precious.

Please contact us via the enquiry form for a quote or if you have any enquiries regarding our Sporting Bespoke service.

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Sports Bespoke Jewellery

On the left, see our England Rugby Rose inspired cuff-links in White and Rose Gold.

In the centre is an 18ct Yellow Gold ring with a Formula 1 car engraving.

On the Right, see our tie pin in White Gold, inspired by the Arsenal cannon.